Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Mexico!!!

After leaving Telluride, I headed South to Taos, New Mexico. Its a nice little artist town hide out in the North Central part of the state. Arriving there I just footed around downtown, I also stopped and payed my respects to a hero of mine, the one and only Kit Carson. He lived his final days in Taos and is buried there. He was a living legend among Frontiers Men and Mountain Men all along the country in his time. He was one hell of a guy who lived life wide open, just like this other guy I happen to know...
I did get to see the sun set in a way that I had never seen before. I drove to the out skirts of town to watch it. On the way out there I passed by the Earth Ship Homes. There homes out in the desert that are built out of recycled stuff. I'd seen them on the DIY channel a time or two, and I think there pretty damn cool... I wanted to tour the one that is open to the public but it was CLOSED. Anyways, back to the sunset!!!
I found a good place out in the middle of no where to watch the big ball of fire in the sky burn into the horizon. I had always heard about the sunsets and the beautiful afternoon light of NM, and its no lie, it's absolutely amazing. The best part is I had some strawberries in my cooler, so I enjoyed some nice cold strawberries with my NM sunset!
Getting ready to photograph the sunset, I started watching the sky start doing its magical change of colors. The sky behind me even started changing colors. Wow!!! I've been chasin sunsets every afternoon on this trip and never had I seen one like this... Colors were everywhere. Not just where the sun had set, but all behind and above me were colors of oranges, purples, and reds. It was crazy!!!
In photography, it was one of the best magic hours I've ever witnessed.

After Taos, I stopped in Santa Fe. I spent most of my time there going into Galleries and checkin out all the art and photography that the town has to offer. This is one GIANT art town. Everybody and there dog is an artist here, no shit, I seen in a local paper were a dog made a painting, and it fetched some big money. Maybe I need to tell Athena at RMSP about it, she had a very talented dog that was a great phodographer...
After eating some tasty Mexican food and drinking some locally brewed beer in downtown Santa Fe, I headed out to photograph.
I soaked up one last amazing NM sunset outside of town. This one was bitter sweet though, and I'm not talkin about the strawberries that I was still eating on, for tomorrow I would be back in Texas.
The trip was coming to an end... Almost home...
With that in mind, I dug deep in my ice chest for the coldest beer that could be found. I sat on the hood of my jeep till all the colors in the sky faded to black, and it was just me, the moon, and the cool desert breeze...

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