Monday, November 30, 2009

Rosco and Woodward, I found her at last!!!

Me mates, I have found her at last. She awaits us sleeping in the harbor of San Diego. It looks as thought she has been abandoned by her crew. She's a 179 foot fully rigged, 24 gun 18th century Royal Navy frigate, and my friends she's a beauty. Christened the H.M.S Rose she now goes by the H.M.S Surprise. Look me up when ya hit the mainland, and we'll set full sails...

She's perfect, I just wish she had more guns!!!

San Diego...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


California! This state is beautiful and full of crazy ass drivers. It has so much to see and do. Big money, big cars, big houses on the hill, you need a pocket full of money to live around here. You know in some ares they sell land by the foot, not the acre. Maybe when I hit it big I'll move out here, hell this maybe the place to hit it BIG.

Friday, November 20, 2009

San Francisco...

I crossed the Golden Gate Bride and stopped in San Francisco to stay with a friend that I had meet in Missoula. His home was nestled just a few blocks from Fisherman's Warf. He had to work the next two days so that left me Han Solo. No problems, I move faster when Im alone. It was a fast pace two days. I seen the King Tut exhibit at a museum, visited a photo gallery that housed vintage Rock and Roll photos (that was bad ass), I rode the trolleys and walked the streets of Height and Ash. The last night I was on Height St. at a bar called the Toronto. A good friend of mine in Missoula insisted that I go there, and boy I'm glad he did. I meet three guys there and ended up having one wild time! It was fun, I wish I had more time to stay there. But the road was calling and I had many more miles to put behind me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Decisions Decisions!!!

I made it to the Pacific Coast yesterday after a beautiful drive though Oregon. I was told a storm was on its way at a gas station where I stopped to fill up. With that in mind I decided to get a motel. Stopping to shoot the sunset it was dark by the time I check into my room. After unloading all the gear, I opened the sliding back door and the sound of the ocean was so loud it frightened me. Wow, the ocean was only 40 yards away from the back deck of the room. I drank beer and worked on photos that night with the door open. The sound of the waves was so relaxing. I woke up that morning to the same sound. After lookin out the backdoor for a while, I deiced to stay another night. Ill dine on some fresh crab and beer tonight I told myself, and listen to the music of the ocean. You don't have to twist my arm for me to make that call!

Friday, November 13, 2009

One last round for Missoula!!!

I knew it was going to happen, she took a piece of my heart. I've been to big cities and little towns all over the US and I can promise u one thing, there is no other place like Missoula, Montana. The layout of the town, the hospitality of the people and of course the landscape that surrounds her. And I can promise you one more thing "I will be back".
So here's one last round from my favorite watering hole in Missoula, Charlie B's. This is for my new found friends that I attended RMSP with and to my friends that live in Missoula. I hope to see all of you a little farther down the road.

This picture is so blurry. I don't know if it was my vision or the camera? I think it was the Camera!!!
Anyways, Cheers my friends!!!!!!! David