Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Grand Canyon...

I shouldn't tell on myself, but if my mother had seen some of the rock out croppings that I was standing on just to look over the edge and see the bottom of the Grand Canyon!!! She would have said "Pack up your shit and you come home this minute, David Lee"!!!

No shit, Every edge took my breath! I had to step backwards from the views, SLOWLY!!!
I love you Mom, and don't worry, I'll be home soon!!!

Let's do a little talk about photography. Today walking around the rim of the Grand Canyon, I found myself thinking about photography more than I ever had before. I've been shooting photos for the pass 6 months at a crazy rate, and I love it. Today was different though. I found it difficult to shot the canyon. Trying to expose for the sky, the walls of the canyon, the snow, and the shadows. You could say I had the shutter speed blues! I need a damn wide angle lens too!!!
A lot of times I have to tell myself to slow the hell down, focus, and take a good slow look around. Look at the subject, the light, compose it all together, then all the camera shit, and the light is fading with every second of thought. Can you feel the pressure???
So many times after a shoot I look at my photos, and see that something was just a little bit out of place. Why didn't I see that when I took the damn shot I ask myself. That, and a thousand other thoughts kept my gears turning today...
As my eyes soaked up the views of the Grandest Canyon in all the world...
I could do this forever!!!

I must say though, I enjoy the hell out of it, and there's nothing like getting that one shot that you just can't stop looking at!!!

That's why I do it!!!

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