Friday, December 11, 2009

Monument Valley...

I stopped in the town of Kayenta, Arizona to fill up before heading into Monument Valley. Its just a little town located on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Standing there pumping gas and admiring the lay of the land I could hear the faint sound of Indian canting. What the hell is that I wondered. Walking away from the pump it was louder. Focusing on the giant monument rock formations that were in front of me, I thought, " This land is sacred and full of spirits". Making myself stop thinking and just listen, I realized that it was coming out of the speakers from the store. Shit, I just walked back to the pump laughing at myself...

Pulling into Monument Valley, I ran up to the information center to get a map of the jeep trails on the valley floor. On the way there walking out onto the back balcony there was an amazing view of the valley. I walked over to the rail and stood beside a man that was drawn in by the view too. Beautiful isn't it he said, it sure is I replied. Hearing my accent he asked where I was from, Texas I said. Looking over at him he said that he was full blood Navajo, and lived there on the Reservation. What brings you out here in this cold weather he asked. I told him my story and we talked a bit. I see he said, your on a spirit walk. I just grinned and looked deep into his weathered eyes and replied, Yea, that's exactly what I'm on!!!
It would have been pretty cool if a hawk would have flown over about that time and cried out, but it didn't happen!!!

He said his people didn't go on spirit walks, but that they had visions. I said yea, I have visions too... Most of them come when I've had a few beers and they mainly consist of naked cowgirls floatin across the ceilin. He just laughed... No No No , I said, all bullshit aside. To tell you the truth I've had a vision about talkin to an Indian looking out over a grand view just like this once, but the Indian that was in my vision had long hair and didn't have a Led Zeppelin shirt on!!!

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